The Making of A Beautiful Drape Tip # 1

How full should your drapes be?

After a decade long making drapes, we want to share with you some of the formulas used by very successful designers to create beautiful luxurious drapes.

How full should your drapes be?

- Use at least 2 ½ times fullness for pleated drapes.

- 3 times fullness for each panel will give the aura of opulence, it’s so luscious, so stunning and so rich.

-Interline or lined the drapes with blackout lining, this allowsyou to achieve consistent color on the drapes, so the patterns and colors will be intact and true, also it prevents a washed-out look when the sun light shines through the drapes.

- also when you line and interline the drape, it makes your drape so plush and full that it instantly creates a luxurious and elegant look, unless you are using a sheer fabric.