Redthreads is the creative window creation studio that makes your vision comes alive, wow your client and elevate your designs to award winning projects...


    How we do it? the combination of creativity, craft, collaboration, and a near-obsessive attention to detail is the real magic of what we do

  • What can we do for you?


    We are your window treatment department


    Our goal is to be your window treatment department that take care of every aspect of window treatment productions, our proactive approach will make life a whole lot easy and simple for you. We will make your visions happen and deliver the results timely and beautifully

    Beautifully hand crafted window creations that wow the client

    That combination of passion, meticulous craftsmanship and planning is the real magic of what we do. We have a reputation for providing versatile and appropriate solutions, individually tailored for each client and each space. All our work are 100% guaranteed

    Hassle and stress free




    We take care of every aspect of the business: fabric procurement, measurement and installation. Our project manager works with the designers, drapery makers and coordinate all the measurement and installation, he ensures the final products work and fit the space.


  • A workroom who works with you


    Do you sometimes feel that your current workroom doesn’t really deliver your design vision? Are they working in their old set way? If that’s the case, don’t worry because things are about to change.


    you see, we work closely with our clients to develop window treatments that works for the space and the lifestyle of your clients. As the projects get along, we are there to reassess their situations and help them get the most out of the space.


    Overall, it all boils down to meticulous craftsmanship, being proactive and most of all, listen and embrace the designers’ vision. Creativity, craft, collaboration, and a near-obsessive attention to detail, which are exactly what we’re known for. Plus our roll-up-your-sleeves, nothing-is-too-much-trouble approach means we’ll always be on-hand to help you respond to your client needs.

  • A fresh and effective way of working



    we will invest time meeting with your team and clients to get to know the projects, so that nothing is amiss as the projects progress, we notice that it's time that 's always well spent in the long run.


    We are never afraid to double check the facts, whether it is the colors of the lining, unique fabric sewing or pattern matching issues, to realize your vision, getting your input is absolutely vital. Another crucial step that we do is to keep you posted on our production schedule, so that before cutting the fabric, everything is checked off , this way costly mistake can be effectively avoided.


    Custom drapes or shades are like creating a product prototype, each fabric and design reacts in it's own way, for this reason, we will always make a sample of the drape or shade, before making the whole batch, so we can ensure there is no surprises with the end product.


    This is the time when everything is revealed. Our project manager works with the designers, drapery makers and coordinate all the measurement and installation, he ensures the final products work and fit the space, the installation will be hassle free and stress free, most importantly to ensure the delivery of the products to be within the desired deadlines

  • Our Projects

    277 5th Ave Residence

  • Noho Residence

  • Tribeca Residence

  • Upper East Side Residence

  • The Shade Projects

  • Our aim is always to delight


    First and foremost, what Redthreads is known for is its passion. We really do love what we do and are devoted to making sure you love it too. So if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Full stop.


    We also believe great creative work is born out of strong relationships with clients. That means all of our projects are truly collaborative and enjoyable experiences. that we pride ourselves on reacting and adapting to our clients’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to make the best drapes, shades for the space.


    Our team of artisan drapery makers are passionate about quality and craftsmanship. they are talented people who care about creating beautiful functional drapes and shades. The levels of details they deliver are near obsessive, which make each products so magical, so beautiful.


    Since we started in 2002, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients who keep coming back to us again and again. We’re sure one of the key reasons for this is our rather special knack of making the client’s vision come alive. To show you what we mean, have a look at some super projects we’ve worked on, it’ll help you see why Redthreads is a creative window creation studio that is completely focused on delighting its clients.

    Ways We Delight

    Full looking drapes and enjoying the beauty view of Manhattan

    • we are able to fabricate this drape using one simple pleat drape & sheers design to create  full looking drapery panels  and yet retain a clean neat stack back to maximize the view!

    Small windows need clearance for riverside view.

    • We are able to achieve the designer's vision using French return curtain rod, so the stack back can be re tracked to the wall and open the window up for the view. the client loves loves how this design allows him to have the view, he touts the design as genius!

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    Motorized Roman and Solar Shades

    • Synchronized 6 solar shades for the living room and dining room

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