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  • Welcome to Redthreads

    We would like to share with you our passion for design

    and our deep commitment to beautifully crafted products.

    Since we opened in 2002, our goal has always been creating products that enhances our lives, transforming our home into true, spiritual havens. We believe that beautiful products make our life easier, adding joy and peace to our daily life

    Redthreads Beliefs

    In Asian mythology, it is said that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together. For Redthreads, it is tying the red threads through beautiful home products to form a harmonious connections between the user and the products. it elevates our daily existence to be easier, happier and more relaxing. The designers at Redthreads believe that any piece of furniture, bedding and window treatment will be beautiful if the right material is chosen, meticulously crafted and paired with good design. In every one of their products, you can see this quality thread running through them. Redthreads products allow you to put a signature stamp on the place you live, now and forever.


    Redthreads sets itself apart from much of the luxury market with a custom sensibility designed into every product.
    Redthreads will make for you in any color or sizes or materials you like or combination of colors or sizes.

    Each and every piece of bedding and window treatments and reupholstering works are handmade in their Brooklyn workroom, while the wood slabs come from the northeastern part of the United States, the furniture is made in their Staten Island and Pennsylvania workshops.

    It's A Family Business!

    At the heart of Theredthreads are Malaysian-born siblings Yien and Leon Wong.

    Our name refers not just to the bond we have as a sister and brother, but to our work and the way we engage with clients. In practice, it means we approach everyone the way we approach every situation – by listening more than talking.

    Your experience with us

    We know that if you’re coming to us it’s probably for something bespoke. And we’re geared up for that.

    Whatever the challenge – we’re here for you. If that means creating furniture with a finish that matches other surfaces, let’s do that. If you want us to come up with a new design for a window setting, that’s something we can do.

    Our way of Working

    Collaboration is second nature to us – as siblings, it was either that or fight, and though we did plenty of that when we were little, we worked out over time that sharing brings out the best in everyone.

    The people who come to us, often return. And they recommend us to their friends, relatives, colleagues. There’s no rocket science or marketing wizardry involved in any of that. Just the consequence of what happens when you make people happy with what you do.

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

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