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    In 2002, Redthreads Drapes was created out of clients' requests to make drapes to compliment the bed linens. Since then, our client lists had grown, ranging from designers and owners of some of the country's finest houses to property developers and almost everything in between, we are one of New York City finest bespoke drapery makers. We offer a full line of services including measurement, fabric purchasing and inspection, design development, fabrication and installation.

  • The Making Of A Beautiful Treatment

    Our Process

    A Holistic Approach

    A lot of time we will be given a concept, for many window treatment fabricators, that’s enough to work from, for us, we take the concept beyond the request, and we help the client think through what they are asking and why, we don’t just see it as work, we see the window treatment in the room, as part of the lifestyle. Our process ensures the perfect fit between the visions, architectural elements and fabric capabilities.
    Once we have measurements of the windows and the photos of the space, after gathering all the information from the client we will make our proposal as to what works best for the space. Our proposal includes how the treatment will live in the space, how it works with the vision and the most effective and efficient way of using fabric.


    Sometimes, it is a daunting task to choose the right fabric and understanding how the fabric will react once it's hang, if fabric is chosen from our curated fabric collections, we will advise how this fabric will work for the space and how it will do as drapes and shades. if it is com fabric, we will test the fabric to ensure appropriate way to work with the fabric.


    Once the fabric arrived, if situation calls for a sampling, we will make a sample on how it will hanged and look with the specified header.

    Lead Time

    Depending on the type of fabric, it takes 2 weeks to 4 weeks to complete a pair of drapes. People always ask us why our window treatments take longer to make than other makers, because most of our drapes and shades fabrics(except very delicate fabric) have to go through the process of steaming and hanging prior to making into drapes, so the fabric is stabilized that the drapes will fit the space perfectly and reducing chances of elongation. Wool and linen and loose weave fabric need more time, as these fabrics tends to stretch as they hang, these fabric treatments have to be steamed and hanged for a week prior to making into drapes and then rehang after completed, depending on how much they stretch.

    Project Manager

    Our project manager works with the designers, drapery makers and coordinate all the measurement and installation, he ensures the final products work and fit the space, the installation will be hassle free and stress free, most importantly to ensure the delivery of the products to be within the desired deadlines.

    Our Studio

    From our studio in Brooklyn, New York city, we work on projects all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond. Under the leadership of Yien Wong, who oversees the workroom personally, she has a keen eye for design as well as attention to details. With a degree in business and fashion design and with 18 years of experience under her belt, you can be assured that all treatments are handmade to the highest specifications and most exacting standards by our in-house drapery makers, using traditional techniques and finished to the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. We have a reputation for providing versatile and appropriate solutions, individually tailored for each client and each space.

  • Drapes

    Drapes adds so much to a room:

    Luxury. Romance, Texture, Color, Coziness, Fun, Warmth and Softness

    Euro pleat drapes

    Designer's top favorite drape design, classic and yet contemporary.

    Pinched Pleat drapes

    Classic and luxurious, especially gorgeous when the material is wool or silk + three widths + treble lined.

    Ripple Fold drapes

    Hugely popular with both designers and homeowners, primarily because it has a tailored, clean modern look, especially if you have to cover a wide span of window, the stack back is smaller and require 25% less yardage, making it more economical. Additionally, the ultra-even folds are architecturally pleasing from inside a room or from outside a building

    Sheer drapes

    Sheer Drapes so perfect for romancing the room. it deserves attention!

    Lesser popular drapes

    Goblet drapes, grommet drapes, top tap drapes and rod pocket drapes, these are lesser popular drapes, tap top and rod pocket curtains good to have in a casual, fun environment
  • Shades

    Shades are so versatile:

    it can be minimal or dramatic, it adds subtle or plush elegance to a room

    Roman Shades

    Some roman shades add clean line, simplicity to a space like Flat, Classic, Relax or Pleated roman shade, while some roman shade like the Balloon, Austrian, Cloud add opulence and drama to a space.

    Roller Shades

    Roller shades are one of the most practical and hard-working window treatments. Options like solar shades, insulated honeycomb shades, woven shades, wooden shades offer easy light control, instant privacy and a clean, tailored silhouette in a wide range of colors and fabrics

    Wood Blind or Shutter Shades

    Natural beauty and durability, Wood adds an element of natural elegance to a space.


    Motorization is available in all our roman shades, roller shades and drapery panels


  • Shop Talk

    How do you work with clients?

    We offer in-home service in NYC & the surrounding area. Often time fabric and it's colors look different in different environment and light setting. we understand how important it is to have the fabric and color in your home to work with the decor of the room, a lot of our clients found it extremely beneficial to use our in-home service. We will arrive at your home with fabric books and drapery hardware samples. We are committed to provide you with exceptional products and smooth installation of your drapes and shades.

    Where is your workroom?

    All our drapes and roman shades are made right in our workroom in NYC. From concept to execution - nothing is outsourced.

    Why do we want to work with you?

    First of all, we don't strive to be average, what we want to do is an exceptional job, one that will make you proud of your work and the end result to be fantastic. You can be ensure that all the treatments fit nicely and most importantly work for the space, secondly the shades and drapes will drape beautifully and they lined up where they supposedly be; no flimsy pleats and puckering, the final products are nicely pressed and pleated beautifully. How do we do it? Precision, attention to details and by asking appropriate questions. we guarantee all our work 100%.

    How do you work with patterns?

    For all pattern matching : we will coordinate with you to ensure best way of matching patterns so it will be most appealing, we will frame the patterns and show you different options and possibilities of most pleasing look.

    How do you work with short lead time?

    Sometimes, situation calls for quick turn around, we will try our best to accommodate this type of request, however, often it is based on the fabric, if you know ahead of time of a need to quick turn around, then the chosen fabric should be of least chance of stretching, most synthetic fabric are more stable versus natural fiber like wool, silk or linen.

    How do you ensure the window treatments to live in the space beautifully?

    We have problem solving mechanism in place, a full report of complete technical specification and construction details of fabric and trims will be prepared, in addition, we do a final review of fabric and the design vision and the spec of the space for each treatment prior to manufacturing, so that whenever any issues arise, they can be resolved satisfactorily.

  • The Blog

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    Drapes length – to puddle or not to puddle - Lots of puddling is not in fashion. A 3-4 inch puddle is the standard now, so that you can actually pick up the hem of the panel and let it fall softly into place. -When the ceiling or floor is uneven, puddle your drapes a little so you can hide the...
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