American Made Solid Wood Table

  • Our Designer

    We are all about working with simple, honest materials that last. Wood is our source of inspiration. The love of organic wood and uncompromising focus on quality is the running threads in each one of our products. Our vision is to unite finest carpentry traditions with modern furnishing techniques.


    Our furniture designer -- Leon Wong grew up in the Malaysian rain forest, surrounded by nature and timbers all around. Growing up among the wood and nature, Leon has intuitive feel of the wood, as you can see from our collections, each piece of wood is selected carefully, so that the true beauty of the wood can be brought to life.

    He was trained at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Maine and the New School of Design, New York.


    We only use premium wood meaning we personally select each piece of the wood, notably for the beautiful grains and interesting patterns : In our white wash collection, using the white wash effect, the tiger spalted maple comes alive with vivid grains, truly brings out the wood’s natural unique character. Another example is the silver grey dining table in white oak, this table is not just ordinary white oak any more, and it now becomes an interesting conversation piece as the grains are pronounced and vivid, like a painting. The most sought after wood walnut: each piece is handpicked for its interesting shape and grains, using a special finishing techniques, the finished piece truly showcases the uniqueness and interesting characters of the wood in both its natural hue and a non-reddish hue.